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To start a manual regen cycle on your softener. START to initiate a regeneration. Help w/How to do a manual regeneration of a model 5600 econominder softner I let the salt run out of the brine tank and would like to do a manual regeneration rather than wait for the softner to get to x number of gallons of useage. 2510 Manual Regen Valve. Our most popular model the WS1SM uses a standard flow GE/Autotrol 3/4" 255 valve with a microprocessor based 460i control.

Therefore, in the event of a power outage, all the regeneration positions may be dialed manually by depressing the indicator knob and turning COUNTERCLOCKWISE (Figure 5). › See more product details. † Depress skipper pin(s) at day(s) for which regeneration is desired. Available at Amazon: to/2q0dO0D to/2q5A8pI com/amazon/best/ www. regeneration is desired.

Manual Regeneration Dial on Newer Mechanical Water Softener Control Heads. Scan & Service application Scan & Service mobile application is the ideal support for the maintenance person in his daily. therefore, in the event of a power outage, all the regeneration positions may be dialed manually by pressing the pointer knob with a straight-blade screwdriver and turning countErclocKWiSE. Operation and Maintenance Manual 460i Electronic Demand System The 460i electronic demand system is available as an option on automatic controls for water conditioning equipment. See more results. • Pull all skipper pins outward (away from control).

The Autotrol valve is cam operated. AUTOTROL® 255 VALVE / 400 SERIES CONTROLS. Go to the water softener online order page.

460i/460TC Control System camshaft after a manual regeneration or when servicing the 460TC DAYS CLOCK PM Indicator Water Flow. 460TC Initial Set Up of the Autotrol Timer that replaced the 440,440i,440iHV timers in mid-. Note: With the time of day properly set, the conditioner will regenerate at about 2:30 a. Culligan Water Softener Manuals.

1 661,x 60 3,. You can change settings of hardness, capacity and time. Installer Manual 255-LOGIXGeneralities Ref. B JA09 Verify Settings: 1. On the Autotrol 460i setup control panel you have buttons for going up, down, set and start regeneration cycle.

· Autotrol 460i Manual Regen Question. System will regenerate at next set regen time (2:00 AM). Turn the bypass valves to the service position and perform a manual regeneration to purge air out of the control head.

Rotate cycle indicator COUNTERCLOCKWISE until it points directly to the word BACKWASH. •Single synchronous electric motorprovides all the power needed to turn the camshaft. points to desired position. WQA Certified 255-460i Systems: 255-460iiT E S T E D A N D CE R T I F I E D U N D E R I N DUSTR Y S T A N D A R D S 2 † Autotrol® 255 Valve / 400 Series Controls Service Manual SE12.

Lower it and lift the springs out of the way. This demand volumetric system is our most popular unit. with a manual bypass valve for ease of servicing and blending if required. Manual Regeneration Electricity is used only to run the control and to rotate the camshaft. System Regeneration Cycles 4 Installation 4 Disinfection of Water Conditioners 6 Placing Conditioner into Operation 7 Troubleshooting 16 Valve Troubleshooting 16 255/440i Troubleshooting 17 255/460i/460TC Troubleshooting 17 Valve Specifications 18 Safety Information The 255 water conditioner’s control valve conforms to NSF/ANSI.

CONTROL FEATURES 460i CONTINUED Manual Regeneration Time of Day Setting Electricity is used only to run the timer and to rotate With the jumper on the set of pins next to the word TIME the camshaft. Set the time of day. WS1CS Downflow Regeneration Metered. It will take a few minutes for regeneration to start. all other functions are operated by water pressure. 460i Electronic Demand System usage amount will be used as the reserve when the 460i performs its regeneration computation. As this cam rotates during regeneration it opens and closed different ports for each cycle. The 460i Electronic Control System Operation And Maintenance.

· Below are the Osmonics/Autotrol Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manuals in the popular Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The programmable microprocessor control utilizes high efficiency regeneration minimizing the consumption of salt. The 460i Control provides conditioning efficiency that automatically adjusts to water demands and ensures continuous conditioned water with substantial savings on.

Setting Time, Days of Regeneration, and basic operation expl. Manual Regeneration Procedures To Initiate a Manual Regeneration: † Press REGEN once for delayed regeneration. Therefore, in the event of a power outage, all the regeneration positions may be dialed manually by pressing the pointer knob with a straight-blade screwdriver and turning COUNTERCLOCKWISE. 90 days free exchange warranty. Document Retrieval. If you have the Acrobat Reader, it will load automatically when you click on the link and display the report. This software is a plug-in on most current browsers. Autotrol&39;s 460i Electronic Demand Control is designed to monitor water usage and regenerate at just the right time to maximize efficiency while minimizing salt and water consumption.

† Press and hold REGEN for 5 460i manual regeneration seconds to initiate immediate manual regeneration. The two key components of the 460i electronic Low or No Water Usage demand system are the microprocessor, a miniature computer located on the circuit board, and a water The 460i is programmed to recognize a day of very little meter located at the valve outlet. If you prefer to have. With water supply off, place the bypass valve(s) into the “service” position. 460/460i/463/463i DIR Timers Quick Reference Service Guide © Pentair Residential Filtration, LLC P/NRev. Manual Regeneration Electricity is used only to run the timer and to rotate the camshaft.

The brine tank of this Autrol 460i water softener is filled with a highly concentrated solution of salt that regenerates the mineral tank in 8 regeneration cycles. Thread Tools Search this Thread, 04:32 PM H. Set days of regeneration on skipper wheel (Figure 5).

System cannot be connected incorrectly. The Valve most commonly used on the WaterSoft model WSCB-32D is simply the common Autotrol 255 series valve and the timer used is the electronic 460i metered demand regeneration control. manual regeneration Electricity is used only to run the timer and to rotate the camshaft. Retrofitting of existing water Fouled softener resin. Fits on older Autotrol 150,155,160, 163, 168 Valves, and newer 255, 263, and 268 Valves that have 440, 440i, 440iHV or 460i timers now. Open water supply valve very slowly to. Culligan International Company, Culligan International Company, 9399 West Higgins Road, Suite 1100, Rosemont, Illinois 60018 USA, Tel:offices in California, France, Italy, Canada, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates.

On the newer electro-mechanical water softener control head shown above, instructions printed on the face of the control advise: "For manual regen turn knob clockwise to REGEN position". •System indexes manually with or without power. Refer to the system Installation and Service Manuals for set-up. minutes for regeneration to start. Verify that Hardness and Capacity settings are set properly. com/water2buycom This method of start.

All other functions are operated by water pressure. Fleck 5800/5810/5812. Reassemble by lining up the top cover directly over the valve discs. MKT-IM-001 / C - 08. † Rotate skipper wheel until day arrow points to current day or number 1. These poorly-designed instructions don&39;t show us where the "REGEN" position will appear.

Reinstall the cam. Incorrect salt setting. For the 460i, simply depress the indicator knob (Figure 6). A normal regeneration will take approximately two hours. Autotrol 460tc Manual. 48 000 grain capacity microprocessor based metered water softener.

So, you will find any and all parts for your softener on our website (www. Fill media tank with water. † Grasp timer knob and pull outward.

255/460i-48: 1 1/2 cubic foot of resin (48,000 grain peak capacity) - 9 with free shipping! Since you can do a manual regeneration, and it won&39;t regenerate automatically, there is something wrong with the 460i manual regeneration meter, meter cable or timer/circuit board. † Rotate in either direction until the timer arrow points to the actual time of day. Install the top plate screws and pop the spring tabs into the holes in the valve discs. Sold by Discount Water Softeners.

A flashing regen 460i manual regeneration (recycle) symbol will be displayed. Autotrol® 255 Valve / 400 Series Controls Service. WATER SOFTENER MANUAL REGENERATION. •Electrical wiring is factory assembled. A solid regen symbol will be displayed.

Verify that the display is working properly by pressing Time Set Button, until the current time of day is displayed. Manual Regeneration Electricity is used only to run the timer and to rotate the camshaft. · 460i/460TC Control System Fresh Water Systems Autotrol 172 Series Softener a structural plastic designed to stand up to the rigors of water softener or filter 48 x 72 44. (See manual regeneration sections for each control’s manual operation. •460i timer utilizes a microprocessorto provide a time-proven logic analysis to initiate regeneration. Maybe a loose or dirty/corroded meter cable connection on either/both ends of it. All other functions are operated by water (Figure 6), set the time of day to the closest hour by pressing the black TIME SET button.

water softener iron removal pH Correction System arsenic removal water storage pump2 AP-MAX Auto-regeneration by water usage with 460i or 760 controller. Replacement Autotrol 460i Control Only. † Release timer knob. Therefore, in the event of a 460i manual regeneration power outage, all the regeneration positions may be dialed manually by. 255/460i-64: 2 cubic feet of resin (64,000 grain peak capacity) - 9 with free shipping! Or dirt has stopped the turbine from spinning.

460i manual regeneration

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